Friday, August 12, 2011

my coming wealth...

How do I contact the blogging commission? You know, the ones that pay you for writing blogs? I need to put in my time sheet.

They owe me a lot of money. A lot! Not only did I spend all day on this little beauty, but I also have several other half baked blogs hanging around the place filling up cyber space for them, place-holding till the real thing comes along.

It's not that I mind doing it - I don't! It's just that there is a little thing called time that I don't have unlimited amounts of and if I'm going to be spending too much more of it filling up the empty spaces here, the Internet is going to have to get its check book out.


  1. I'm failing posting......God I'm I try again
    I could be your union thug...get to the bottom of this travesty.....Just say the word....strikes, kneecappings, injunctions, go low....phewww..seem to have managed it this time.

  2. Lol - that would be great! In fact, I think I'm going to start a blogger's union today.