Friday, September 30, 2011

New Novel Cover

I just finished my first draft of the design for the cover of my next novel, Min Min. 

What do you think? Too bleak? Too abstract? Should there be more colour? Does it suck entirely? 

Anyone? Anyone?  

I know I should probably finish the novel first but I wasn't actually actually aiming to do this when I first opened Photoshop. I was just killing time, playing around with a photo that I thought had potential, you know, just generally doing art-farty shit. After I'd pushed it, pulled it and recoloured it about 30 times over the course of several hours, it suddenly struck me that it illustrated Min Min perfectly.

And here is the photo that I made the cover from. I took it at the Burdekin River Bridge, built in the '80s, I think, and supposedly unfloodable. This one was taken during the flooding following Cyclone Yasi in February this year. The blue rectangle you can see, just to left and above the girl's head, is actually a sign in the camping area reminding people to be careful when they light fires. Haha.

Oh, and can I just say that I love Photoshop? 


  1. Looks great. Maybe a different font? And yes Photoshop rocks :)

  2. Agree, Bill. Font is always the hardest I think!

    I tried some (a lot of) totally plain all lower case ones first - but they don't work either. Next try is a quite blocky all upper case with the perspective going away from her as if she is following writing in the sand.