Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why, Townsville? Why?

I have a very guilty secret.

No. No. You'll never get it out of me.

Oh, okay, then. The sad truth of my existence is that the breakfast staff of the local MacDonalds knows my order off by heart. (Tall cappuchino with an extra shot and a rosti wrap).

I can't help it. I don't like to cook in the mornings and yet I like a hot ... well, warmish ... breakfast. I love reading the local paper and not having to pay for it. I enjoy being out of the house early in the day for something that doesn't involve exercise.

A typical Text the Editor page.
Now, in the local paper, known as the Townsville Bulletin, there is a section that  I find particularly fascinating for some reason. It's called Text the Editor and it's taken over almost entirely from the old Letters to the Editor section.

I think I like it because so many people use it who would never have taken the time write an actual letter. You get some really crazy shit in there!

Anyhow, today whilst devouring my guilty breakfast and reading my free newspaper, I came across this little gem...

A certain specific crazy text to the editor

Well. I have another guilty secret; I am an habitual Text the Editor texter.

Here is what I texted in reply:

OMG, BC! I couldn't work out if you are for real or a clever satire trying to demonstrate how insane homophobes are by exaggerating their actions beyond all reason. 
If it is a clever satire, then yay, you! 
If however you are for real, someone should take your child away and store him somewhere safe where he isn't being brought up as a gay basher in waiting.

The most amusing thing about all of this was how my iphone kept auto-correcting me: first it tried to tell me that what I really meant was that homophones are insane and then that BC's son was in danger of becoming a gay badger.

I'm really glad I did a quick proofread before I sent it.

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