Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Phoenix ...

... aka The Bridge aka It Gets Better...

All prospective names for my the feature length script I wrote a couple of years ago and which I still want to see made. You can find out a little about it here:

The Phoenix

I've just uploaded a couple of little mood reel-y type things to youtube that were put together at different times to demonstrate how we think the film would look, feel and sound.

This first one I put together to Paul Kelly's Dumb Things to demonstrate how I think my main character Clint looks. As soon as I saw Jean-Claude Van Damme in JCVD I thought, 'Now, this is Clint - tough but tired of fighting.'

Mind you, I've just finished reading Robbie Williams biography Feel and I'm thinking he would be a great Clint as well. Ah, the pleasures of daydreaming a cast ...

This next one is something Owen Johnson put together, using John Hiatt's Aint Ever Going Back when The Bridge was chosen for the script development hothouse, Indivision. It was quite spiffy really - we had a week long workshop with Gillian Armstrong (director Little Women, Charlotte Grey) and Andrew Fierberg (producer Secretary, Fur) as our mentors and they both loved the script. On the last night of the workshop, we had a dinner party and everyone got a little drunk. I guess there were about twenty five of us and as I was leaving, I stopped to thank Andrew and Gillian for all their lovely time, energy and input. They both kissed and hugged me and wished us well. Andrew said, 'Look, I'm not pissing in your pocket, as you Aussies say, most people I see have just got a script... You guys have really got a movie here.'

Andrew Rankin took the photos for this one.

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